Thursday, June 3, 2010

Negara Kita, Kenapa Bahasa Dia?

I am now at PappaRich, wanted to have a bliss breakfast untill someone in all of the sudden spoilt everything!

Me: Do you have newspaper here?

Waiter: Hah?

Me: Ada suratkhabar tak?

Waiter: No English! I'm Myanmar!

Duhhhh~ Come on Malaysian. If you are hiring, please hire people who eligible to understand our language or at least he/she speaks English. Otherwise, poor us! This should be applied to those restaurants, reflexology center, and what not, how should I tell them that I want a real 3/4 boiled egg instead of 1/2? How am I gonna tell them that I want a hard massage?

Ps: Budak kecik, u know what? Your kicks made mummy suddenly does not know what to write, what to be mad at. Aiyoooh!