Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, time is running. And I am not catching but trying to go with the flow as smooth as I can. Today is 24th March, it means only 46 days to reach 9th May. I am hoping everything will go smoothly and blissfully.

As for me here, the feelings I have right now is very complicated, very confusing yet I am very happy. The preparations are mostly done and I hope the ppl that I trust to make my big day go well as planned, will be as planned. Its like unbelievable, undeniable, unspeakeable.. As only mere words can do. The best medicine is to be calm like my M always tells me. M stands for Muzri. Muzri is my fiance. LOL. I love you. Always do!

Monday, March 23, 2009

To Distribute.

Yay! Finally, invitation card dah siap. Everything goes well smoothly alhamdulillah.. I have given some to few ppl. Well, I ada nasihat sikit pada anda-anda yang akan menerima kad sama ada dari saya atau org lain. Please lah jgn kecewakan org dgn mengeluarkan komen mcm ni :-

madam y: "eh.. apasal u x buat kad kat bandung? cantek tau kad dorang. lawa2.."
me: "yeah, I know. mmg cantek2 kad dorang. sama ada I kena gi sana n dpt murah atau I kena buat kat sini n mahal. which could be minimun 6 kali ganda dr harga kad I ni. apasal? x cantek ke kad I tu?"
madam y: "xla.. if u buat kat bandung lg la murah2 n lawa2. kat malaysia ni x berapa cun lah!"

i pon keluar statement i pjg berjela mcm ni:-
me: "1st, sume preparation i beli kat kl ni je. so if i pegi sana, semata2 kerana kad, x berbaloi. n after printing, if ada typo kan dah susah. 2nd, ada ke org indon tempah kad kawen kat sini? kenapa kita nak terhegeh2 beli n support brg dorang? and lastly, why dont u put some respect here. I datang jauh2 semata2 nak hantar kad personally kat u.

Kenapalah ada orang mcm ni? Pelik betul. Nak ikotkan, kita hantar je by post. Tapi sbb kita appreciate friendship, jauh mcm mana pun takpe. Yang penting sampai kat tangan dia n dapat jemput from the bottom of my heart. Dan lagi 1, bukannya org akan simpan kad kita tu sampai mati. And bukan boleh makan pon kad tu nak beli yang mahal2. Yang penting for me is, I nak tetamu i dapat makanan yang sedap n I bayar mahal sikit untuk food, I am more than happy rather than to have a stunning and expensive card!

P:S utk org ni: nanti your turn kahwin please bg I kad dari bandung ok. Or else I baling je kat muka u. :P

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Long Day! Baju, figures and market scenario!

Yes, I had a long day today. Went to Jln Tun Perak for a training session like usual. It was from 9am till 12.45pm (supposed). However it has ended later after noon coz we were measured for our uniform! CIMB is providing uniforms to the sales team. I do believe this is like a spiritually motivated by those new uniform, to make us better machines for better sales and figures coming in. Well, I could not careless as we will be given 2 pair of suits and pants and tudung.

I take it positively as I think I will save more on money spending for my office attire! That means, I can spend more for my baju jalan. Or lets make it a-financial-advisor-style; I can have more money for savings :D

After the measuring session ended, we went for lunch at Tupai-tupai. Its place is at the back of Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka or the opposite junction of road to Bellamy. The lunch was ok. Nothing special, nothing bad.

So I went back to the office and it was actually not a good start for being back. LOL. I was called to my Area Retail Manager (ARM)'s room. I was consulted for not bringing a very impressive figure. She said I was better last year. Well, I had nothing to comment. Just that from my personal opinion, customers has turned to be conservative lately due to the financial crisis that occured to the whole world. Evenmore, the market seems to be very volatile; volatile means it goes up or down drastically, unpredictable. Well, some of them are like that. But for the small figures I brought in, they are all from the non-conservative...

Well, I guess we will be going through hard times for this 2009. Almost unpredictable scenario. So please bear in mind to have stock of money in cash. The safest place to keep is of course ASB. But i heard bad rumors about ASB too, to be exact, the PNB. But it is very very p&c. I do not want to get caught for declaring this. :P So just bear in mind, have some stock of money, make sure you keep at the right place/account/bank...

As for unit trust, it is a good time to buy due to the dropped down prices, you get cheaper price and more units. But do not expect returns at the time being as the progress is quite low. Even for capital guaranteed product, it may sounds very good isn't it? But a guaranteed capital does not mean a guaranteed return at all! The figure given is normally a potential return based on the previous performance/historical value.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I guess nothing much I did today. I woke up late around 11am. Lepas tu turun bawah, baca suratkhabar. Come on, we normally read pancaindera on Sunday. After a while my father shouted "Jom Pavillion! Makan teppanyaki". I was like "yahoooo!" The teppanyaki there is so nice. It is located at the corner of the food court on the lowest ground. Try it yourself. They have variety of menu.

After that, everyone seemed to be so tired and no mood for jalan-jalan. So we just went back home. Main dengan Babam. After few hours lepak-lepak, I went out to gym around 6pm. I spent 2 hours there.

And at the moment, I am thinking of buying multivitamins/supplement food for myself. And I have few brands in my mind but not knowing which to buy, makes me google all. LOL.

Basically, I am finding the right one focusing on diet/lose weight, supplement for skin and for brain. Not to forget, for bones. I have a back pain. So I think I shall start with calcium. Or maybe I do not need that. What I need is, drink milk! Yes, I do love milk. Being reason why I cannot mantain with milk, my little brother like milk too. So I hardly mantain the supply for myself. I buy today, the next morning I wont get any. Hurmmmm... pity me!