Sunday, March 1, 2009


I guess nothing much I did today. I woke up late around 11am. Lepas tu turun bawah, baca suratkhabar. Come on, we normally read pancaindera on Sunday. After a while my father shouted "Jom Pavillion! Makan teppanyaki". I was like "yahoooo!" The teppanyaki there is so nice. It is located at the corner of the food court on the lowest ground. Try it yourself. They have variety of menu.

After that, everyone seemed to be so tired and no mood for jalan-jalan. So we just went back home. Main dengan Babam. After few hours lepak-lepak, I went out to gym around 6pm. I spent 2 hours there.

And at the moment, I am thinking of buying multivitamins/supplement food for myself. And I have few brands in my mind but not knowing which to buy, makes me google all. LOL.

Basically, I am finding the right one focusing on diet/lose weight, supplement for skin and for brain. Not to forget, for bones. I have a back pain. So I think I shall start with calcium. Or maybe I do not need that. What I need is, drink milk! Yes, I do love milk. Being reason why I cannot mantain with milk, my little brother like milk too. So I hardly mantain the supply for myself. I buy today, the next morning I wont get any. Hurmmmm... pity me!