Monday, April 6, 2009

My Fiance Met An Accident :((

Yesterday, something bad had happened. But syukur alhamdulillah, only damages towards properties. My fiance had happened to involve in a car accident.

After feeling weird the whole morning, I decided to brush my teeth and wash my face and surprisingly, I had arranged my pants and long sleeve shirt without me noticing for what I did that. Half and hour later, my fiance called and told me this:-

Fiance: "Adik, abg accident."
Me: "Ya Allah! Abg ok tak?"
Fiance: "Abg ok. Kete terbalik."
Me: "Takpe2. Accident kat mana?"
Fiance: "Dari pasar borong on the way to Sri Serdang. Ermmm depan IOI Resort!"
Me: "Ok, adik datang sekarang!"
Fiance: "Someone is sending me to the hospital. So adik terus gi hospital."
Me: "OK!"

I did not take a bath. I just went out and informed my dad that I had to go now to the hospital and I did not hear if there were any questions asked by anyone in the house. Alll in my head was, 'sayang', 'hospital' and 'accident'.

At 1st I was really supposed to go to the hospital. I knew I need to be by his side. But I think he must be very blur and cant afford to think normally due to the car crashed. So I just changed my mind and straight away I had headed my wheel to the IOI Resort area. The minute I reached, my heart went very fast, with goosebumps all around my neck. Astaghafirullahalazim.. I just quickly parked and told the guys there that it is my fiance's car and I need to settle down everything needed.

I need to sign up a towing notice and take all the goods from the car. After settling everything my dad called up telling me he was about to reach the hospital which I was actually on my way too. We had reached estimately about the same time.

Pity him but thank to Allah for everything. He had done an x-ray and syukur... And I am very grateful that nothing bad happened to him. Only minor injuries; bruises and small injuries. I did not say much regarding his behaviour during his driving, cause for me lesson has been learned.

Allah Maha Besar...

p/s: sorry for the grammar error. i am exhausted after the long day. cant manage to edit or read back.


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Anonymous said...

kesian giler! seb bek sme ok!

pash said...


tabahkan hati kayh! syukur tunang hang slamat!