Sunday, December 6, 2009

What Did I do on Friday, Saturday & Sunday?

Oh, its been a while I did not write. Only surfed around and commented others blog. Yeah, its been quite a hectic month for me as my leave has finished. So i'll end up 2009 by planning many things to prepare for 2010! Yeah, few days left and I really need to move on fast for better 2010. I do not want to be left by the bus. LOL. As for the last week, my routines were quite hectic coz of my shopping mood. So I normally straight to the mall after work. Yes, Im broke now ppl! :)


I used to school at Tengku Mariam Girls School, Batu Pahat during primary. Untill standard 5, I had to follow my dad to start our new home and school in KL and we first stayed in Bukit Antarabangsa a place where we can meet many faces of celebrities. :P

I had a bestfriend where I had to leave her behind. Only few times been contacting each other untill one day I called, the number was no longer available. Sazlyni by the name, we were pretty closed. Guess what, I found her on FB! Actually that was not my 1st attempt. After several times, I found her using the nick 'SAZ'. No wonder I did not find her. But lucky me!

So without any early plans, she smsed me around 8.30pm telling me otw to Putrajaya. My plan was to watch 'Couples Retreat' at 11.10pm. So I asked to buy her tickets instead. And yeah we met! After the movie, we ended up makan at Padi, Cyberjaya. (Pics taken by Muzri's iphone. So will be uploaded later) Muzri is my hubby ya all! :P

***Saz with bf, Azam***
-Pic courtesy from Saz's FB-

Girl, Ive been missing you. Enough said! Aftyer chit-chatting and makan-makan session, (Azam been calling it as Jejak Kasih session and added up by Muz to be Jejak Kasihan) we went back around 3am.


Ok on Saturday I had planned up with Syafawati (ex-schoolmate) to a friends wedding, also our ex-schoolmate. Oh, my hubby cannot make it due to time clash. The name is Maisyarah, she got married to Fuady. She looked pretty in off white attire. The deco of the day was pink+purple+white. The wedding had taken place in Taman Melati in front of the bride's home.

And I found my very beloved Puan Mahanum, my long time favourite beautiful teacher. Thank god coz she came to my wedding last time but I did not get the chance to take photo with her.

So yeah, apart from taking pics with the bride and the groom, I managed to take pics with my deary Puan Mahanum. Love you cikgu!

Before I off to Mimi's place, I asked the groom this:
Naughty Me: Been through your 1st nite?
Fuady: Hahahaha Have not!
Naughty Me: Than why are you smiling?
Fuady: Ill get it afterward I guess?
Naughty Me: =) Mai, habislah kau!
Mai: Hey.... (malu sudah cannot say anything)

Bye-bye pengantins. Have a sweet (although it might end up 'sakit'. Hahahaha) memorable 1st night!

Then our next trip, to Mimi's place. She had just given birth to a healthy baby boy named Mohamed Abelrayyan Adha Bin Mohamed Nur Badrul. He was born 3.4kg in the morning of Eid Adha. Congrats on your bunch of joy Mimi and Bad. And yeah, Abel had his bonding time with Aunty Kikin!

So Baby Abel, be a good boy ok!

Saturday (evening)

Hubby text-ed me on my way back home. We had a sudden plan! Agreed on his plan made me called Putrajaya Pullman for reservation! Yay, we've got a room eventhough it was quite late. Blablablablablabla (after gone through the traffic jammed and reached home and got stuff packed) we managed to reach the hotel around 7pm.

Yes, me and hubby been checking in and out more than several hotels in this 6 months. :P We just need to relax and have our privacy bonding time together without knowing anyone else. But because of my forgetful behaviour, the camera always left behind.

***Ada yoga mat and dumb bell as well***

***The bathroom, toilet and dressing room being separated by glasses. I like!***

Well, overall it was great but still, cannot be compared to our favourite Cyberview Lodge & Spa.


After checking out, we just relax at home. It is raining guys!


Lady of Leisure said...

sery long time no see.. cantiknya hotel ni..

cik jijah said...

hi dear.. have been reading ur blog silently.. cant help myself to leave some comments today :)

so.. nice hotel.. i pun selalu buat gitu dgn MM, my hubby :) though kat rumah pun memang berdua jek.. but once in a while kita perlu spend quality time together like this.. off hp.. no lappy... duk diam2 kat situ.. hehheee..

Akmaelinda said...


bestnyer u met everyone!

and baby bel is so adorable:)

i love u so vulnerable now:(

PinkGremlin said...

Hehe, u dah sampai Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside! I yang keje kat holding co of that hotel pun tak rasa lagi! Hehe, but the hotel area is superb kan, just that no activities that can be done sgt kat situ kan :)

Ashikin said...

loe, skang kat oversea kan? have a great greatt oliday wif hubby k!

cik jijah, oooooo jd silent reader ek. kena caj tol ni. =) ok kita exchange link ya. yea spending some quality times alone wif hubby really recommended!!! tp ttg dok diam2 kat situ tu.. mcm x btol je :p

akma, xpe ull definately lepak wif all of us soon k. aah baby abel cute tp cuma masih kuning lg. aku dtg2 je kejot dia bgn. lps bonding session, mak dia amik nk bg susu, tros berak. lol. love u too.

pinkgremlin, ouhhh u keje sana ek? lol. ive bee nthere more than 4 times. n even 1st nite kawen, org sume tido kat chalet dewan, hubby n i, ngan pengapit tido kat pullman... yea x byk aktiviti bole buat kat sana. tp bilik2 yg various types tu buat rasa nk dtg n try sume jenis bilik. i dah try sume kecuali yg executive delux yg baru open tu je x try lg..

PinkGremlin said...

I kerja kat holding co dia, bkn kat Pullman..Hehe.. Ah, anyway mesti nak kena try jugak la duk kat Pullman since gaya u cerita mcm best! Hehe

Ashikin said...

yea u shud give a try. since u keje kat holding co dia. rugi ooo x try. then dpt better price x?

eynda said...

Sery...syoknya check-in hotel selalu utk berdua-duaan saje :-)