Sunday, May 16, 2010

Found & Confirmed!


As I am writing, it is raining heavily and how thankful I am to Allah as it was a hot day! Well I had a blissful weekend, delicious food, fantastic time and were busy thinking of new household and furniture as MAB and me are moving to our new home around end of this May.

It a terrace house with 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms. This is the 1st biggest preparation to receive our bundle of joy who is expecting to be out into the world insyaAllah in September. That is going to be our Hari Raya, peeps!

Of course, being an excited wife and mummy-to-be, I have been spending and thinking most of my time about the theme color for the master bedroom and the hall and so on. And of course the picture that keeps on showing in my mind is a babycot by the side of our bed. Yes, I want my baby to be more independant. I do not want to spoil her by sharing the bed which means privacy for mummy and daddy will be gone as I am afraid by the time I'd like to separate our bed, she would refuse and she would give me the crankiest tears and wat not, a baby cries would really end up the day.

As for the bed, MAB and I have decided to have a king size latex mattress. Yes, we are fussy coz we really need a good night sleep with a good bed. Other than that, yes, mummy's place, where else other than the kitchen!

During our reception, we received many electrical appliances like the toaster, thermos, coffee maker, rice cooker and oven. So I guess it would really save our cost in spending. Except, mummy really needs a fridge and of course a washing machine.

I just hope our new place is a safe and good place to stay and I hope, we will have a good start under our own roof. I will definately post the pics soon!


PinkGremlin said...

Hi Kin..
Around the same time kita pindah rumah juga kan.. :) Hope everything will go smoothly n yang penting jangan buat kerja berat during pindah nanti..more like jd supervisor saja tau..Hehe

diana sidek said...

Shikin!!I know the excitement of moving into a new house as I am busy with it as well! But as for u being a future mom double the excitement. slow2 ye sbb u tu pregnant! :)

Ashikin said...

pink: yeah la babe. kita ni byk je benda yg sama kan. kawen dkt2, pregnant dkt2, pindah dkt2. soon, beranak dkt2 :D i nk jd mandor nanti dun worry. hihihihihi.

diana: aha masuk umah baru seronok. nk dpt baby lg seronok. tp poket pon koyak. ahahahaha. tp apa pon sume tu rezeki kan..

d.a.m.i.q.u.l.a said...

congrats dear.kat mane umah tu?

Ashikin said...

dami, umah kat bangi.. sari alam tau x?