Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day & Our 1st Anniversary!

To my beloved mama, Happy Mothers Day, I love you so much. For what you've had done and I know I'll ask more in the future, thank you so much. A thousand thank wont give you anything but I know it means alot to you. Thank you for taking the huddle to raise me in this world. I love you, and thank you, thank you, thank you! Without you, I'm no one. Ya Allah, please spare a space for her in your beautiful heaven :)

To all mothers in the world, Happy Mothers Day!

To my beloved husband, Happy 1st Anniversary! I love you so much. 1 year back, we were busy having our nikah ceremony and reception. I never thought that, to live with you, time will be so fast, and now we are 1 year and expecting our 1st baby. Thank you for everything. May our marriage is blessed by Allah and streghten with iman. I love you baby.

PS: Semlm kan kita gi mom & baby expo kat midvalley. Ya Allah, punyalah ramai orang sampai kita surrender ajak hubby keluar. Rasa mcm berpinar-pinar mata.


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

happy anniversary, dear ur pic kat entry bawah ni kan u look soo cute and glowing :)

Lady of Leisure said...

happy anniversary and happy mother's day sery..:)

PinkGremlin said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, mummy-to-be and happy 1st anniversary. Semoga kekal bahagia dunia akhirat ya :)Tak lama lagi kita punya anniversary pulak..dekat-dekat juga dgn Kin punya..Hehe

Ella said...


Happy Mother's day & happy anniversary ya.

Semoga rumah tangga Kin bahagia and jodoh berpanjangan hingga ke syurga..

Hannah Johary said...

Happy Sweet 1st Anniversary & Happy Mother's Day to you, the beautiful mother-to-be!

Sangat berseri-seri preggy ni. Entah-entah girl kot. Hehehe..

fatenton said...

happy anniversary sery..
u nampak cutelah.. berseri2 walaupun perut u dah makin besor :)

cik jijah said...

happy 1st anniversary shikin!! keep on glowing :)

diana sidek said...

Shikin, u looked super gorgeous on your wedding day. sorry i dah terlambat wish but happy belated anniversary ye!i doakan with baby coming otw, more happiness to you and hubby ye! :)