Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Carrot Cake with Almond - Oh, My Favourite!

Recently, I went to a customer's house somewhere aroung PJ 16. It was quite early in the morning. I had to be there at 9AM sharp. Well, my visit was not for fun nor happy visit but it was more to visiting an unhappy VIP customer. That was the reason why did I go to his house (*bungalow) at 1st place.

I was happy because I seriously stopped my car in front of the garage sharp at 9.55AM of course after went through the most hectic highway in KL, the Federal. I was glad and I was like 'pheeewwwww'.

So sharp at 9AM, i was about to press the door bell suddenly the gate was opened - of course it is an automatic gate. So i was like, 'aha there is someone watching me. lol :P'. A man opened the door and he smiled "Oh, I am so glad that you are here sharp as promised."

It was a nice house I told the man, let's just call him Dato'. Very cozy and warmth. After negotiating, chit-chatting, huhu-haha, blablabla, yada-yada, I was served with a breakfast personally by Datin. I can say she is a very soft spoken lady. Keep it that way Datin, please...

Ok I was served with a carrot cake with almond and coffee. Let me give you the review! As far as I concern, I had never ever have even a slice carrot cake on my tongue. Coz to me, a carrot should be a carrot, let it be cooked as a vegie or let it be blended as a fruit juice. I am a person who sometimes against the new mixture from the origins. :D

I told Datin, seriously I love the cake! Datin was surprised to hear I never had carrot cake. She was surprised and went into the kitchen. Aha I was then very shy to see she brought a tupperware fulled of carrot cake! So, I shall start baking and I've got the recipe.

Let me try this coming weekend or this few days yeah!


Lady of Leisure said...

lepas buat cake tu nanti jangan lupa passkan recipe kat kitorang ek sery.. hehe..
lady pun tak penah makan carrot cake..

Precious said...

Love carrot cake, bananna cake, apple pie ... Yummy!

Emilia said...

ohh...u shud try carrot slice at secret recipe. sedap!
jgn lupa share the recipe ye dik non! :D

damiqula said...

ah carrot cake memang heaven!slalu tibai kat secret recipe je.tau tak kt mane lg sedap?

Zezzatty said...

I Pon seram nak try bnde2 pelik cthnye mcm carrot cake ni lah.hehehe

POSH76 said...

carrot cake is my fav all the time...hehe

Ashikin said...

LOE: lps buat harusku uplod sini! x pnah mkn ek? nanti sery kirim. kirim pic :D

Kak emi: resepi bole share, ntah ni bila nk buat ntah. :P a'ah ramai yg ckp carrot cake secret recipe sdp! nk try la!

dami: selain yg org dok ckp kat secret recipe tu, aku tau yg datin tu buat je sedap. ahahaha.

zatty: u shud try kayh! sedap!!! i pon dulu xnak mkn. i mkn aritu sbb i tak tau it was a carrot cake.

posh: ooo posh suka ek. nanti kita kirim ek. kirim pic je la :P