Monday, September 7, 2009

My Family, My Precious!

Being married, is a new start for me. I believe everyone who has got married feels the same way too. Being in charge as a wife, as a daughter, as a sister and an employed worker, just not that easy. Sometimes, I think working is not easy as we sacrifice most of the time at office.

After office hour ends, I go home and settle down a lot of things; cleaning, laundry, cooking or at least buy or go out for dinner. And of course after doing all that, that is not considered as spending time with husband. Spending time with husband for me, is when you use your quality time together. As spending time preparing food or going out for dinner is a responsibility not as spending time. So that is a story for whole day event.

And what about family? Since my family is near, it is easy for me to go back daily or weekly. Sometimes I do, sometimes I just don't. For me spending time with my lovely parents and siblings is just not going back and having dinner there. What? Like 1 hour or 2? I don't agree on that. I will normally find my sweet time, that is after everything is settled and really I go back early from the office or meeting clients. Sometimes I even meet clients late at night. So I don't just 'cilok' my schedule to meet the family for only an hour. I don't take 'BETTER THAN NEVER' in my dictionary. For me it is better never than better than never or I could always stretch my time more than an hour for it, that is if I could.

As being near to family's home, I know maybe my parents would think I can always go back anytime I want regardless how much time I have - 1 hour or 2. But I am sorry I am not that way. If my husband gets a proper quality time from me, that means, they will get it too. But I don't know what they have in mind. Maybe they don't like it. But trust me dear parents, I don't mean to be mean or want to be apart from you guys. It is just we are too good to be in a rushing spending time. I just hope they understand me.

And yes, maybe I have not found the best way to manage my own time. But trust me, this new life is too new for me and I need time for myself too. And I have not found the same recess time with husband. Sometimes I just go back alone as I know he would be in hurry catching up things. Or he could only spend an hour or 2. My nature is that I don't like to burden others.

And lately, I notice that I don't really have time to think about myself. But all I knew and I keep in mind that, I love my family and I bring them in my heart wherever and whenever I go.

Dear family especially my parents,
I am sorry if I do wrong, I am sorry if I ever give you paint, I am sorry if I ever being a disaster and I am sorry if I ever being rude. I just hope you don't misjudge me, I just hope your full understanding will always be for me, and I just hope your love for me will never end. I need your bless so that I would be blessed. I am just sorry... I love you.

***Four of us, Asyraf, me, Nurul and Danial***
(gulp! Danial is about to challenge my height. How time flies!)

***Welcome to the family, hubby next to me***

***Pics are taken 5 days after my big day. We had kenduri kesyukuran before our bertandang ceremony***


Lady of Leisure said...

what a lovely family..
dont worry sery.. your parents surely understand yr situation and u will gradually cope with it..

POSH76 said...

beb santeklah ur baju kurung moden kan...muka u seiras FARAWAHIDA yg tgh hit u lagi santek...

Akmaelinda said...

aku nangis baca this makes me takut to leave the home and divide time sure u have done great job to sort it between family,work and husband.Good luck yayangs!

i love u:)

hang nadim said...

very touching...

damiqula said...

mudanya mak...yang pakai baju merah tu kan?dh mcm rope kakak sery.tabek spring!