Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little Bitter And Sweet.

Hurmmm I do not have much to say. I am just tired of my daily activities. Well, life goes on as it is everyday. Sometimes you just excited about it, sometimes its just lame. But for me, that makes life more meaningful eventhough it may reach the boredom.

I am a person who is dealing with campaigns, targets, kpi and everything at work. Sometimes that makes me headache and painful. It is not an easy task. When you achieve, you would end up happy and proud. People would come and tap on your shoulder out of nowhere. Even more, sometimes you do not know who the fellar is. But when you at the bottom, the one who always give you a big applause might just start yelling, giving a humsup face and in your mind and heart, how you wish to have a BIG SUPPORT as much as when I had it during my marvellous years.

The biggest fear for a financial consultant throughout the days has always been the financial crisis, recession and many more. But what not? Everything is possible. Where is your umbrella? Well, managing someone's fund is not and easy task. Especially when time goes by, you build a closer relationship with customer. You know how much they have, from where did they get, what are the future waiting for them to actually rolling back the money. The most part is, their hopes towards the investment...

As my part, I am not selfish and target-oriented person. I am someone who easily get caught in emotions. I mean we are human, we are gifted with lots of emotions, feelings yet we are gifted with brains.

Conclusion is, my work is not easy. But I love it when I satisfy my customer. Trust is not compulsory. Trust is something that we gain and it is an honour. It is hard. And not to be abused. How are we going to trust someone if we, ourselves are the people who others cannot trust? Or we are the people that cannot be trusted?

I always remind myself that:

"Compliment is satisfaction. Satisfaction is great. Great is pleasure. But am I a good chaliph? I fullfill my responsibility as a staff, as someone who earns salary from the company. But do I accomplish the purpose of life as a chaliph? What is my contribution for my people?"

Peeps, I love my job. But there are torns here and there. I am searching within myself what do I really like and love to do... I am looking for an independant job!