Saturday, July 4, 2009

My New Position In The Company

Yes... My job description has changed. I am now a Personal Financial Consultant instead of Personal Financial Advisor. My duties are heavier yet interesting and fun! I am now not even advising and encouraging people to invest and diversify their fund/income, also giving solution on loans; housing loan, business premises loans, personal loans.

Of course the most challenging phase is to learn and practice so that I can memorize. My kpi and target also has been changed. I havent gone through everything yet. But I hope I will be doing fine. And I am wishing my colleagues all the best and I hope we could beat up the company's aspirational target!

p/s: missions for today has been accomplished, so I must sleep and get a proper rest. Afterall I am a wifey :D! Btw cant wait to get cd from my photographer for bertandang/sambut menantu event. Nite babes!