Sunday, August 2, 2009

About Today

Today I woke up quite earlier. Had done my shower and now waiting my hair to be dried. Im going back to my parents' house in a minute. I was supposed to balik yesterday but my couzy and aunt are there so my room is fully occupied. So I'd better stay here and today we going to create activities before they go back to Singapore.

Well, current event in my mind is, Pesta Flora Putrajaya. I think you guys should go since Ive been noticing the progress of building a special huge tent for the event quite sometimes. And I guess it is quite a huge event too. Lets see if they would like to join me.

Other than that, oh... maybe teppanyaki pavilion? LOL. Well I wanted to bring them to Bagan Lalang so much but since they normally go back before the night goes midnight, I think I have to find other activities.

What yours? Care to share so that my weekend wont be dull...


hang nadim said...

bangun pe pagi gak...pegi mamak breakfast...layan tv pastu tertido lak..jumpa member dia promote lamberger la pulak

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Asihkin, nothing like having a slow ezy life to relax rather than a stressful one.
As for me I am busy as past 2 weeks, a friend and her family arrived to start a new life here.
Then last week wife's niece and family.

So as they do not have their driving lesen yet I have to take them buy groceries, get their government documents stamped etc.
But its fun having friends from KL here.

You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

Ashikin said...

hang nadim, sodapkan layan mamak pepagi. tp kalo kol 10-11 dah kira tghari dah x syok. hihihi yg plg syok if kol 7 gi, dgn x mandi. tp gosok gigi cuci muka la.

Ashikin said...

uncle lee..

may I know ur location plz? so ur now a part timer as a driver, well, it aint bad at all. just cruise your car and let your mind flies away :D

well, sometimes having nothing to do at all, u'll find ur day miserable n pathetic not having things to do. busyness is just killing your energy but aprt from they, u knew well that u have make ur time occupied beneficially...

u too, have a good day there!